Fashion Pas – from the English /făsh′ən/ and French /pɑs/ [not; step] – meaning that you won’t find the latest “it” garment/accessory combination here but instead my personal take on style. 

Hi! I'm Rita and welcome to Fashion Pas. A bit over three years ago I started this blog* as a creative outlet in a time when life was mostly filled with academic and intellectual pursuits. 

What started as just a platform to share my Polyvore creations, quickly became a way to explore my own attitudes towards fashion, personal style and consumerism. 

I am interested in living a more mindful life and that includes finding a balance between the social, financial and environmental impacts of my choices. This is a place for sharing and documenting my thoughts from this journey to be a mindful consumer. 

So welcome. I hope you enjoy your time here and find inspiration to undertake your very own mindful style journey. 

*The blog lived here until September 2015. 


  1. Lovely blog and wonderful topic! Looking forward to future posts. XO
    ~ Valerie